Let’s talk about the real things in life! I’m a visual designer with a background in illustration. I was born in 1986 in Tilburg, but now live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands since 2013. I participate in meaningful projects that try to make this world better in a lot of ways. Good cause subjects like social communities, sharing economy, mindfulness and sustainable innovation. With my work I also hope to give comfort to people who are mourning, fighting loneliness or burnouts and depressions. Because that’s what matters to me the most!

Besides the work I make I hope to inspire people to get creative! It can be super beneficial to explain yourself, clear your mind, get social, help you study and much more! I give workshops to get people drawing (again).

In my spare time I make urban sketches, travel journals and draw my everyday life. In fewer words; I document what I see around me. By taking the time to observe, I will never forget that moment.

At the moment, I am open to new projects and available as a (freelance) Visual Designer, for illustrations and/or visualizations. Take a look at my account on LinkedIn for my resume. Do you have a question for me, or do you want to meet over a cup of coffee? Contact me via info@marlondoomen.nl